Declaration of perfume and cosmetic products

On July 1, 2012, the Technical Regulation of the Customs Union “On the Safety of Perfume and Cosmetic Products“ came into force, approved by the Decision of the Commission of the Customs Union from September 23, No. 799. According to the abovementioned Technical Regulation, perfume and cosmetic products are issued in circulation on the market in accordance with TR of CU 009/2011, as well as other technical regulations of CU, the requirements for which are applicable to it. Perfume and cosmetics products that meet the requirements of the abovementioned technical regulations should be marked with a single product circulation mark in the market of the Customs Union member states. Blitz Medica LLP will register or declare perfume and cosmetic products in accordance with all requirements and rules of this regulation.

The safety of perfume and cosmetic products is ensured by a set of requirements for:

✓ composition

✓ physicochemical parameters

✓ microbiological parameters

✓ content of toxic elements

✓ toxicological parameters

✓ clinical (clinical laboratory) indicators

✓ production

✓ consumer packaging

✓ product labeling

List of perfume and cosmetic products subject to the state registration:

✓ Perfume and cosmetic products for artificial tan

✓ Perfume and cosmetic products for artificial tan for bleaching (brightening) the skin

✓ Cosmetics for permanent makeup

✓ Intimate cosmetics

✓ Perfume and cosmetic products of individual skin protection from harmful production factors

✓ Baby cosmetics

 Perfume and cosmetic products for chemical coloring, lightening and highlight

✓ Perfume and cosmetic products for для perming and straightening hair

✓ Perfume and cosmetic products, produced using nanomaterials

✓ Perfume and cosmetic products for depilation

✓ Peelings

✓ Fluorine-containing hygiene products of the oral cavity, the mass fraction of fluorides in which exceeds 0.15% (for liquid products of the oral cavity — 0.05%)

✓ Products for teeth whitening containing hydrogen peroxide or other components releasing hydrogen peroxide, including carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide, with a concentration of hydrogen peroxide (as an ingredient or excreted), 0.1% to 6.0% of hydrogen peroxide, including carbamide peroxide and zinc peroxide, with concentration

The Declaration of Conformity of Perfumes and Cosmetic Products with the Technical Regulationsof the Customs Union and the Certificate of State Registration of Products is drawn up for one or several names of products of the same name and is valid until changes in the name of the product and/or in the recipe of products leading to changes in safety indicators.



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